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The brief version of my life in the past couple days: HELL ON EARTH )
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This winter the tire fell off.

Last week I shredded the tire.

Today I had a flat.

What next, car?
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Man I keep forgetting to update ...

Work! Is still work! Boas and I are actually kind of bros now that I am not stuck working under her all the time!? Craziness! Zaniness!

Got moved to clothing for two and a half weeks, during which time no one worked HBC stock at all and it piled up. Moved back to HBC, things happened, don't care to go through it again, but after two weeks and five trucks I HAVE CLEARED ALL OF THE FREIGHT. ALL OF IT. EVERY FREIGHT.

Today we got a truck and my to do list was entirely "FINISH TODAY'S FREIGHT" so I was just FUCK YES! GONNA FREIGHT! But then manager did not unload the truck until a half hour before I left. Also, I spent two hours on register because our card system went to hell and it was taking upwards of 15 minutes to process a single credit card transaction.

UH WHAT ELSE HAS BEEN HAPPENING I dunno internet, mostly work. Mostly work.

Also I am getting paid to sit in my house and eat delicious fucking ham on Easter. This is the best.

... I need pirate icons.
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Someone just shredded their tire on the way to work!

I wonder who it was!

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1.) go to vocaroo.com
2.) record yourself! talk to me/sing to me/recite a poem/whatever cools your jets!
3.) post it here/on your journal!

Now I am going to creeper sing at you after being awake for a whole half hour. What are you gonna do about it.

memo to self: a decent mic would go far. so far.
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It was raining all day yesterday, and the snow in our front yard all melted away into ice. It was pretty gross and slippery, but I didn't have time to deal with it before heading to work.

When I came home last night, there was a mere inch and a half of snow over the driveway and roads, a dusting of white and serene.

Now I would like to bestow upon you all what I woke up to this morning.


I believe the only appropriate response, aside from the obvious icon, is fuck this noise.

edit: AN HOUR AND A HALF LATER and after five people and a snowblower, we can almost get out of our driveway. Almost.

BUT NOW EVEN MORE PICTURES ) My face is so impressed with snowpocalypse the third you guys. So impressed.

This post has officially been brought to you by the breakfast of champions: Shitty orange coffee and pumpkin pie poptarts.
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... and here is the work update I meant to do two weeks ago! LOVE ME ANYWAY

Bitch of a Supervisor: A Bitch? Or The Biggest Bitch? )
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You know, I. I really do hate the 3D craze sweeping the globe right now! Partially because that is a super dumb thing to tack onto every film (particularly in instances where it ADDS NOTHING or was an afterthought and therefore doesn't even matter), but also because 3D just doesn't work for me. I am going to blame my astigmatism for that, though.

So really, it is a dumb thing which is dumb and should make people feel dumb, except. Except for this thing right here. Right here.

Sadako in 3D.

Fuck man, she's going to crawl out of every tv in 3D AND IT WON'T EVEN WORK FOR ME IN THE ONE INSTANCE I WOULD WANT TO SEE IT
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So anyway.

I am so in love with this pirate sentai you guys. It is probably not fair how much I love it. Also not fair: That I do not want to remove any of the icons I have right now so I can properly icon Joe being macked on by a dolphin.
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Today I was STRONGLY in t00ne with my zodiac Homestuck troll. The details!

Got to work and I heard the scariest sentence ever uttered by man: "There is no CSC tonight, you are running the service desk alone." HA HA HA well. Well. I am not trained on the phones. I do not have permission to take returns. I have zero CSC training, but I was told I would be doing a CSC's job all night!

Pretty much just stood there, sweating profusely. And then the front end supervisor came over and gave me a project -- folding towels. 144 towels. All folded. While sweating.

Basically I am the best Sagittarius alive. Though I was SURE I was going to die! Because on the way home I locked eyes with a moose standing in the ditch at the side of the road. Pretty positive that my digestive tract starting functioning backwards there for awhile. I LOOKED DEATH IN THE EYE AND WALKED AWAY, I AM A MAN
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car hates me

motor in the passenger's side back window died

window is open and unable to close

f m l
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Okay alarm clock, this is just ridiculous. I decided I would be up at eight! I woke up at eight! I actually stood up and moved around at eight thirty! WHY DID YOU LET ME GO BACK TO BED AND SLEEP UNTIL NOON.

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Put a whole bookshelf together without breaking anything! A MIRACLE.

And I probably had a real post to make, but I just found the video of this song's debut and it is killing me. Worst of all I think I like it.
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Idea: "HaHA, if I set my alarm for eight, surely I will wake up and enjoy four hours of life before going to work!"

Reality: "Fuck you alarm clock Imma hit snooooooooooooozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....."

and then I woke up with just fifty minutes to do all of the things and no bra in sight. This is what winners feel like.

And in a move that surprises absolutely no one, I finally went and apped the kuchisake-onna who has been haunting my icon roster for years. Slightly less obvious than Goku? Maybe? Please?
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Bank hates me. They mailed me my PIN (AT LAST), but the system isn't finished sorting shit out yet. So it is still a worthless card.

Seriously, I might have to track down and punch a nun before I can get this fixed ugh ugh ugh.


Jan. 5th, 2011 08:15 am
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So the car wouldn't start last night at work, and a supervisor who likes me and lives nearby gave me a lift.

This morning, I am being treated to a talking to and condescending I TOLD YOU SO from my grandmother, who has decided that this is because I ran out of gas. Ignore the fact that I filled the tank before I left for work yesterday, so the thing was mostly full, I clearly am a moron who doesn't understand that the E doesn't mean Effluent.

Fuck thiiiiiisssss. I didn't ask for the car to die, and I didn't ask to spend a half hour sulking outside the doorway at work waiting for someone else to leave so I could ask to bum their phone off them and get a ride to come get me. Surprisingly, I know how to put fluids into cars! It's kind of a thing.

Maybe I will kill some rage with fluffy adorable tv. Unless she decides to give me another lecture on the gas tank, because then the table will get flipped.

edit: OH YES, and my debit card! The bank DID finally send a new one two days ago, but they haven't bothered to mail anyone their new PIN yet. Which means the card is still just as worthless as my old one. It's like the entire state wants to see me punch a nun.
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As long as I am whining about it, I may as well post about my bank. My bank! It sucks balls. Giant Tanuki balls.

Examples of normal sucking:

+ The signs all read "Transactions made after 3PM will be processed as the next day's business." Meaning that anything that happens after three technically happens tomorrow. Except that the bank starts their "next day's business" at twelve noon, which often fucks me up when I am trying to use my debit card.

+ Any deposit made to checking accounts does not clear until midnight. Meaning that if I put money in my account, I cannot use it until the next day. Unless I put money in on Saturday; I cannot use it until after midnight on the next business day. Money that goes in Saturday is not able to be used until Tuesday. Seriously.

Well, the bank's a winner this time. The news reported on the 23rd that the bank had turned off and shut down hundreds of peoples' debit cards, due to a potential compromise. Having used my card earlier that day, I was sure I was exempt from this Madagascaring of all monetary means.

I was wrong. Which I learned when trying to pay for gas the next morning! Thankfully I was at a pay-at-the-pump place and hadn't gone to a full service gas station, or I'd have been fucked up one way and down the other. So on Christmas Eve, hundreds of people found their funds LOCKED DOWN and inaccessible! On one of the biggest shopping days of the year! AND I WORK RETAIL SO I'D GET TO MEET EM ALL

Luckily, there were no instances at my store -- or none that I know of, anyway. The best part was reading the letter from the bank this morning.

A potential compromise from February 2009, it reads, is the case of this. New cards will be mailed out in January.

Fucking TWO YEARS after the fact, they decide to do something about it?! I'm just. Beyond angry. I am going to need gas between now and then, I know it. I'd have en empty tank right now, except I was given a little cash for Christmas. But it boils down to SO MUCH RAGE, because they had plenty of time to do something. People had PLENTY of time to report things. And now I'm fucked! Again!

I should just switch banks or go to the one credit union. But I already know the bank would hound me and try to keep my account open after I tell them to close it out and fine me for it, because that's what they did to my mother when SHE switched.

Fuck my banking life.
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On the second day Huang Shao took command of the rebels. From the front line a solitary general rode out, a yellow scarf wound around his head. He wore a green jacket and held an iron staff. "I am He Man," he cried, "the devil who defies Heaven! Who dares test me?"

I laughed so hard I hurt myself. Thank you, Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Thank you.

Christmas was OKAY. Got an IOU from Santa, but the cats are absolutely in love with the tree they got from me. All three of them were curled up and sleeping in it just a little while ago, kya. Got a lot of stuff I actually specifically asked not to be given -- mostly clothes! I ask people not to buy me clothes because they buy what they want to see me wear, and not what I would LIKE wearing. Now I own pants with "PEACE" across the ass. They will never see the light of day.

Had a pretty fine holiday otherwise! Got to hang out with Dad's family and renewed friendships with the little cousins I haven't actually seen in three years. They did not seem to realize it had been that long and just assumed we were still bros. I was fine with this.

SO YEAH. I did things. Mostly I wanted to update because HE MAN.
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My plans for today included sleeping in, playing with my cat, wrapping presents, baking cookies, molesting the internet, and finishing my CFUD Secret Santa gift.

But then I was called in to work a double shift which means DELICIOUS MONEY IN MY POCKET which will make up for the two days I missed last week due to car.

Unfortunately I will not be home until midnight, and I am scheduled to open tomorrow, which involves being awake at six am.

Internet baby, I love you, and I am really just posting so no one freaks out about why I have mysteriously disappeared when I promised to be around. PAYCHECK!!!!!
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I have been sitting in a towel for the last ten minutes (LESS SEXY THAN YOU WOULD IMAGINE) because for some reason the hot water in the bathroom is just not getting hot (AND I NEED TO SHOWER LIKE A LOT).

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