Jan. 5th, 2011


Jan. 5th, 2011 08:15 am
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So the car wouldn't start last night at work, and a supervisor who likes me and lives nearby gave me a lift.

This morning, I am being treated to a talking to and condescending I TOLD YOU SO from my grandmother, who has decided that this is because I ran out of gas. Ignore the fact that I filled the tank before I left for work yesterday, so the thing was mostly full, I clearly am a moron who doesn't understand that the E doesn't mean Effluent.

Fuck thiiiiiisssss. I didn't ask for the car to die, and I didn't ask to spend a half hour sulking outside the doorway at work waiting for someone else to leave so I could ask to bum their phone off them and get a ride to come get me. Surprisingly, I know how to put fluids into cars! It's kind of a thing.

Maybe I will kill some rage with fluffy adorable tv. Unless she decides to give me another lecture on the gas tank, because then the table will get flipped.

edit: OH YES, and my debit card! The bank DID finally send a new one two days ago, but they haven't bothered to mail anyone their new PIN yet. Which means the card is still just as worthless as my old one. It's like the entire state wants to see me punch a nun.


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