Apr. 16th, 2011

ofshiningscales: (can I borrow a cup of RAPE)
Man I keep forgetting to update ...

Work! Is still work! Boas and I are actually kind of bros now that I am not stuck working under her all the time!? Craziness! Zaniness!

Got moved to clothing for two and a half weeks, during which time no one worked HBC stock at all and it piled up. Moved back to HBC, things happened, don't care to go through it again, but after two weeks and five trucks I HAVE CLEARED ALL OF THE FREIGHT. ALL OF IT. EVERY FREIGHT.

Today we got a truck and my to do list was entirely "FINISH TODAY'S FREIGHT" so I was just FUCK YES! GONNA FREIGHT! But then manager did not unload the truck until a half hour before I left. Also, I spent two hours on register because our card system went to hell and it was taking upwards of 15 minutes to process a single credit card transaction.

UH WHAT ELSE HAS BEEN HAPPENING I dunno internet, mostly work. Mostly work.

Also I am getting paid to sit in my house and eat delicious fucking ham on Easter. This is the best.

... I need pirate icons.


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