Dec. 27th, 2010

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As long as I am whining about it, I may as well post about my bank. My bank! It sucks balls. Giant Tanuki balls.

Examples of normal sucking:

+ The signs all read "Transactions made after 3PM will be processed as the next day's business." Meaning that anything that happens after three technically happens tomorrow. Except that the bank starts their "next day's business" at twelve noon, which often fucks me up when I am trying to use my debit card.

+ Any deposit made to checking accounts does not clear until midnight. Meaning that if I put money in my account, I cannot use it until the next day. Unless I put money in on Saturday; I cannot use it until after midnight on the next business day. Money that goes in Saturday is not able to be used until Tuesday. Seriously.

Well, the bank's a winner this time. The news reported on the 23rd that the bank had turned off and shut down hundreds of peoples' debit cards, due to a potential compromise. Having used my card earlier that day, I was sure I was exempt from this Madagascaring of all monetary means.

I was wrong. Which I learned when trying to pay for gas the next morning! Thankfully I was at a pay-at-the-pump place and hadn't gone to a full service gas station, or I'd have been fucked up one way and down the other. So on Christmas Eve, hundreds of people found their funds LOCKED DOWN and inaccessible! On one of the biggest shopping days of the year! AND I WORK RETAIL SO I'D GET TO MEET EM ALL

Luckily, there were no instances at my store -- or none that I know of, anyway. The best part was reading the letter from the bank this morning.

A potential compromise from February 2009, it reads, is the case of this. New cards will be mailed out in January.

Fucking TWO YEARS after the fact, they decide to do something about it?! I'm just. Beyond angry. I am going to need gas between now and then, I know it. I'd have en empty tank right now, except I was given a little cash for Christmas. But it boils down to SO MUCH RAGE, because they had plenty of time to do something. People had PLENTY of time to report things. And now I'm fucked! Again!

I should just switch banks or go to the one credit union. But I already know the bank would hound me and try to keep my account open after I tell them to close it out and fine me for it, because that's what they did to my mother when SHE switched.

Fuck my banking life.


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