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Found a used book store today! The owner is a very nice little old woman whose dog, Maggy, a golden retriever rescue (she's fifteen and spry), "helps run the place". Maggy loves men, because a man rescued her when she was a puppy, so she is always trying to find THAT MAN and give him kisses. 8( CUTE.

And then the lady asked if we weren't from far away, because if we were locals we could turn in old books and get store credit and she would order us shiny new things and she is going to be my new best friend. That is happening. I just wish I had known the store was there before handing my old kiddy books to my cousins.

Also: two months to the day (almost), I got an email back from LJ support! ... They cannot fix my keywords, which they borked, but they gave me a month of paid time and icons for my trouble. I am happy they care, but I would have been happier if they had cared two months ago. I would not have even needed the nice gift if they had told me then!

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