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So instead of going to work this morning I went to the emergency room. FUN TIMES!

I couldn't keep my eyes open to see, which kind of makes driving hard. And unsafe. Keeping them open for more than three seconds made them feel dry and scratchy, like when you are in a staring contest and you haven't blinked for thirty seconds? Except it's only been two. And I had to fight to open my lids at all, so. Yeah. HA HA.

Called out of work (to my great dismay) and Ma drove me to both optometrists in town (mine CLEARLY SAYS they are open on Saturdays, but when we got there they had posted a hand-written sign saying they are officially closed on every Saturday now because it's summer).

The doctor at the ER had to hold my eyes open so he could even look at them. I was (and am still) so photosensitive that my eyes were spasming too hard for me to keep open on my own. I am officially banned from sunlight for the next few days. DOCTOR'S ORDERS.

Sssso yeah I have another intensely severe eye infection. My life, please fuck it. Bad enough this time that I am banned from both the day star AND work! I have a written notice from the ER that says as much, though I dread the concept of calling my manager. Enough that I have been putting it off by making even more icons. Because I could break 1000 for pirates if I try hard enough! someone hold me my eyes hurt

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I have a lot.

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!!! Holy shit, Tot. :( You poor thing.

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I am ... used to it at this point. The massive infection I got in high school was far worse; The optometrist I was going to then informed me that I would be coming to his office every day (EVERY. DAY.) to make sure it was clearing up, and I was given steroids! Except I had a field trip the next day, which I was only permitted to go on because 1) I had already paid 2) I promised to go to the ER if my eyes hurt

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I spent two weeks going to his office first every day, and then every other day. One of my teachers threatened to fail me for missing so much class. She was highly unamused when I proved that I had a medical emergency.

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:( How dare you prove that your eyeballs were trying to mutiny and melt out of your head.

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How dare I have to be on such a strict regiment of steroids and drops and various medications so as to not be left blind.

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Rawr. :( I know you don't need it, but sometimes I wish you had someone to take care of you for a while, madam.

Those rumours about your vampirism will resurface now you can't go out in the sun

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Mommy took care of me until my sister came ... worst timing for a visit ugh.

When was I downgraded to no vampire rumors?

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Bah, that sucks. :(

I'm sorry, I've been busy! I'll post to the Yahoo group IMMEDIATELY

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Oh well, mama is going to take me to work today, since I have to turn in my ER paperwork to prove I am am invalid NOW rather than when I can actually see and handle driving.

That's better

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Gah, I hope it's not too hurty for you to have to go in there during the day and stuff, bb. :(

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There will be a lot of sunlight and lights and shiny cars, sssso. I expect tears to just flow down my face.

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Oh, that sucks so goddamn much.

I had to go to the ER for massive, infection-caused cellulitis in my eye, once. Sitting there for hours with my eye stuck shut and them pumping IV antibiotics in. D:

I hope you feel better soon. Can you keep cool compresses on them?

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I can try, but mostly they just want me to sit in the dark or where it is dim (and thankfully my eyes do not spasm at the computer screen).
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Eeeeek. I hope you feel better.