ofshiningscales: (Another state of consciousness.)
💄 💋 🎶 ([personal profile] ofshiningscales) wrote2011-07-24 08:37 pm

This is not actually an update about my job, I AM ALSO SURPRISED.

Today I finally finished Les Misérables! 1460-something pages of my life right there. I like to imagine that it is a full 3000 pages in its original French. No lies, tears just started streaming down my face during Jean Valjean's final speech. I AM COMPLETELY PROUD OF MYSELF and I am so so so glad I actually read it ;A; Worth iittttt even if Victor Hugo is massively in love with the sound of his own voice.

But he made a capslock joke. I. I can't even be mad about all the pointless crap. Damn you, sir.

Definitely going to need a new book to start, buuuut I want to go shorter. I need to see the end of this story in under months. I am thinking Frankenstein, since it is conveniently located where I can find it. Alternatively, I could reread The Phantom of the Opera for the umpteenth time, but then people might start thinking I have a thing for musical theater. HMM.

Also my girlfriend is adorable I am just saying.

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