ofshiningscales: (All of them. Right now. Do it.)
💄 💋 🎶 ([personal profile] ofshiningscales) wrote2011-07-13 10:06 am

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So I am alive and keywordless and everything is seriously boring with my life, guys. Nothing exciting happens outside of the occasional loud and exhilarating crazy at work. I particularly enjoy everyone who has asked me where we keep our tents and then gotten extremely pissed off to the point of bitching at me in the next aisle when I explain that We don't have any tents in, sir. Discount store, kids! We can only sell what other companies and stores don't want!

Also, someone needs to kick my ass so I will bother to write more. Goddamn. A dozen awesome and adorably and badass ideas, and I can't be bothered to write three paragraphs to finish off the fic I am working on presently to get to them. Good going, self. You are an idiot.

Bluh. Maybe ice cream and loan payments will make this all okay. That is a great breakfast, right? Right.

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