ofshiningscales: (dong dong dong dong dong dong)
💄 💋 🎶 ([personal profile] ofshiningscales) wrote2011-05-05 04:34 pm

(no subject)

Somehow I have become that person who sucks at replying to people who comment! OH NO!

Quick updates as I am le tired:

- Boas ... quit?
- I think it had something to do with a text message someone sent about her? That the manager was like "Wellllll it happened off company time so there is nothing I can do" and she RAGEQUIT EVERYTHING
- doctors still cannot decide what is even going on with grandma
- my body temperature is fluctuating and that sucks
- TODAY I DID ALL OF MY FREIGHT 8| even though I had to fight through a labyrinth of seasonal freight to get to it
- porn is not writing itself so I should do that 8(

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